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Most times when we don’t feel like preparing meals at home, celebrating occasions like family traditions, birthdays or anniversaries, want a change in food taste, on a diet, want to have a taste of a variety of meals, want to treat ourselves, just hanging out with friends or family members, on the go and in need of quick food, or Bachelors who see cooking as time and efforts taking. In such situations we search for the best restaurants in town to dine in. The following are the top 10 restaurants in Winnipeg, Manitoba:



Wendy’s is number one restaurant on our list. It is a fast food burger restaurant that serves lunch, dinners, desserts like hamburgers, sandwiches, chicken, chicken nuggets, chocolates and vanilla frosty desserts, French fries, grilled chicken wraps, baked potatoes,  coffee, cold-brew cupricino, lemonade,  taco and salad. Their service options includes dine-in, drive-through, takeout, delivery and kerb side pick up.

Wendy’s has multiple locations around the city such as 3095 Portage Avenue, 1040 Beaverhill Boulevard, 650 St James street, 1420 Mcphillips Avenue, 1230 Rte 52, 1039 king Edward street, 1609 Kenaston Boulevard, 808 Regent Avenue W, 2364 Mcphillips street and 16 Lakewood Boulevard(Taco Bell). Hours of operation are 10:00am -10:00pm (Monday-Sunday). Note: hours of operation may vary based on location.


Dairy Queen Grill and Chill is number two. Dairy Queen grill and chill serve burgers, fries, waffles, cookies dough, cakes, chicken, wraps, blizzard treats, combos, shakes and ice cream.

It is located at 396 Provencher Boulevard, 1575 Regent Avenue W, 1871 Grant Avenue, 1385 Macphillips street, 165 Srufield Boulevard, 1225 St Mary’s Road, 2677 Portage Avenue, 1030 Henderson Highway, 920 St Mary’s Road, 100 Victoria Avenue E and 152 St Anne’s Road.

Their hours of services are 10:30am-10:00pm. Serves options includes take out, drive through and delivery.


The third on my list is five guys burgers and fries. It is a family owned and operated fast food chain who offers free peanut to customers while they are wait for their orders. They serve lunch and dinners like burgers, fries, hotdogs, sandwiches, milk shakes and drinks.

Their services options includes outdoor seating, delivery, takeout, dine-in. Hours of operation are 11:00am-10:00pm(Monday-Sunday).

Five guys burgers and fries has locations at 2425 Pembina Highway, 1575 Regent Avenue W, and 3380 Portage Avenue.


Burger King Restaurant is the next on our list. They serve burgers, fries, shakes, breakfast, chicken and drinks. Services options includes delivery(no contact delivery), takeout, dine-in and drive through.

Locations are 425 Oak Point Highway, 1033 Notre Dame Avenue, 244 Osborn street, 640 Main street, 2829 Pembina Highway, 3659 Portage Avenue.  1140 Tylor Avenue, 71 Vermillion Road, etcetera. Hours of service are 7:00am-10:00pm(Monday-Sunday).


McDonald’s restaurant is the fifth restaurant on our list. Their hours of services are 4:00am -12:00 midnight (Monday-Sunday).

They have forty-one(41) locations across the city, which includes 1501 St Mary’s Road, 144 St Anne’s Road, 375 Osborn street, 1425 Regent Avenue W, 2475 Portage Avenue, 484 Mcphillips street, 1525 King Edward street, 1440 Elice Avenue, 630 Pembina Highway, 77 Goulet street; to mention few.

They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert such as Chicken, hotdogs Chicken nuggets, burgers, fish, chicken, bagel, hashbrown, coffee, pancakes, fries, hot and cold drinks, baked items and snacks. Services options includes delivery(no contact delivery), drive through, curbside, kerbside pickup.


The sixth on our list is Mrs Mike’s restaurant, located at 286 Tachè Avenue. Serve Milk shakes, fruits, burgers, hotdogs, fish, chips, fries.

Service options includes outdoor seating, take out and delivery. Hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday (11:30am-7:00pm).


This is the next top restaurant on our list. It is a fast food outlet with, multiple locations; 393 Portage Avenue, 1875 Pembina Highway, 1078 Mary’s Road, 333 St Anne’s Road, 1225 St Mary’s Road, 3011 Portage Avenue, 373 Maron street, 393 Portage Avenue, 817 Keewatin street, etcetera.

They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner like Chicken wraps, burgers, Chicken, pancakes, hash brown, root bear and float, fries and desserts. Hours of service are 7:00am- 6:00pm (Monday-Friday).


Harvey’s restaurant is the next on our list. It is a fast food chain that serve lunch and dinner like grilled burgers, fries with onions rings, drinks and desserts-frickles. They are located at 600 Portage Avenue and 946 Corydon Avenue

Harvey’s restaurant do Dine-in, drive through, take out and delivery service options and hours of services are 10:30am -12:00 midnight(Monday-Sunday.


Subway restaurant is the nineth restaurant on our list. They serve dessert sandwiches, eggs, sausages, muffins, cookies,  salads and wraps. Services options are take out, dine-in, delivery, kerbside pickup.

Their hours of services are 9:00 am-10:30(weekdays) and 9:30 am-10:00 pm(weekends). Subway is located at 508 Portage Avenue, 877 Waverly street, 1132 Portage Avenue, 175 Carlton street, 249 St Mary’s Road, 747 Corydon Avenue, 1693 King Edward street, 1522 Regent Avenue W, 1015 Wilkes street, 3116 Roblin Boulevard and 1600A Ness Avenue.


The tenth restaurant on our list is Dairy Delight, located 467 St Anne’s Road. They serve lunch, dinner and dessert such as Hamburgers, Cheese burgers, fish, fries with onions rings, hotdogs, chicken, icecream on cones, milkshakes, icecream Sundae, banana split, and poutine.

Services options includes take out, outdoor seating, no dine-in, no delivery. Hours of operation are weekends(12 noon-7:00pm), weekdays(1:30-7:00pm).


Here’s a list of all the restaurants that were temporarily closed by Manitoba Public Health in Winnipeg in 2020 due to inability to maintain required sanitary precautions.
Libson Bakery, 717 Sargent Avenue.
Comfort Inn, 1770 Sargent Avenue.
Chicken Delight, 1349 Pembina Highway.

R Call, 1480 Pembina Highway.
Salisbury House, 801 Regent Avenue.
Jerk it Up, 755 St. Mary’s Road.
J&F Supermarket, 730 Sargent Avenue.
Genuine Restaurant, 589 Sargent Avenue, 288 Garry St.
Plates for Rates, 308-372 Assiniboine Avenue.
Vicky’s Restaurant, 719 Park Avenue.


In conclusion, the restaurants listed above as our top ten restaurants in Winnipeg has not been declared best officially but were analyzed based on reviews and opinions of some Winnipegers, therefore this blogger should not be held responsible in the case of any disappointment encountered.



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