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Real Canadian Superstore(RCSS) is a subsidiary supermarket retail store originated from the Loblaw company. It was founded in March, 1979 and it’s popularly called Superstore in short form.


Superstore has different locations in Winnipeg, such as:

215 St Anne’s Road, 1578 Regent Avenue W, 80 Bison Drive, 550 Kenaston Boulevard, 1035 Gateway Road, 1385 Sargent Avenue, 2132 Mcphillips street and 3193 Portage Avenue. It has a total of 119 locations in Canada.


BABY CARE PRODUCTS: These are baby toiletries(shampoo, lotions, soap), baby wipes, baby formula, baby food, diapers, training pants, baby care accessories(bottles, bibs, soothers).

HOUSEHOLDS PRODUCTS: Toilet papers, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, food wraps.

BEVERAGES: Alcoholic beverages, bottled water, soda, coffee, tea, juice.

SNACKING FOOD: Chips, candies, cookies, crackers, nuts and seeds,  chocolates, fruit cups and apple sauce, granola bars, cereal bars, fruit snacks, gums, mints and lozenges, popcorn, jerky, meat sticks.

PET CARE: Cat food, dog food, pet treats, litter and supplies.

PACKAGED FOODS: Canned soups, cereals, dry pasta, bread, peanut butter.

FRESH FOOD: Bakery(fresh baguettes, buns, rolls, pastries), fruits, vegetables, deli meat and cheese, fresh fish, seafood, fresh meat and poultry, home meal replacement(hot counter, ready to eat, prepared meals, salad bar, meal kit).

REFRIGERATED FOODS/DAIRY: Bacon, butter, milk, flavoured milk, cream and coffee cream, wieners, sausages, packaged cheese(block, cottage, shredded, snack, grated), eggs, yogurt, margarine, plant based protein.

GENERAL MERCHANDISE: Batteries, clothing, magazines, necklaces, wristwatches, ear rings, shoes, eye glasses, sunshades, greeting cards, etcetera.

PERSONAL CARE: Deodorants, antiperspirant, shampoos, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes(manual and electric), floss, interdental products, mouthwash, soap, body wash, razors blades, shaving sticks, cosmetics, facial cleansers, moisturizers, feminine care, hand, body lotion, incontinent products, liquid hand soap, intimacy products(condoms, lubricants), styling aids, sun care.

FROZEN FOOD: Frozen pizza, frozen vegetable, icecream.

HEALTH PRODUCTS: Cold relief medications, pain relief products, vitamins supplements, bulk fiber.


Monday-Sunday(7:00am to 11:00pm).


They offer kerbside pickup, delivery(no contact delivery), online shopping, in-store shopping and in-store pickup. Delivery fees ranges from $5 to $9.

Other services in the store includes Joe fresh, pharmacy, medical clinic, mobile shop, optical session and president’s Choice Financial Pavilion and ATM services.


In conclusion, Real Canadian Superstore is one of the best stores in Winnipeg where you can find every item you need in one shopping trip and at affordable prices both in-store and online.

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  1. Chukwuma Enwere July 28, 2021 @ 4:21 am

    This is one of the best store and close home. I get all my groceries and other items I need at affordable prices. Nice review

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