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How to Register Moz Pro for free: No credit card required.


Moz is one of top SEO tools which helps little in ranking your website and content. How will you get that done for free? do not worry, that is the purpose of this post. We are going to show you the easiest way to register moz premium for free without your credit card details or spending a dime. Without wasting your time, lets get started. 

Five Steps to get Moz pro for free

Step one:

Visit Moz official website by clicking here and click on “Try Moz Pro free”

Below is screenshot explaining the above step.

Step Two:

You will have to create a Moz Profile Account by clicking here. To create an account with them, you have to provide an email address, display name and your password.  Do not use your email address but always remember the email you used in creating account and never forget your password. After filling the details, select your Company Size and Industry.

Below is screenshot explaining the above step.

Step Three:

You have to visit Namso Gen to generate a fake credit card details by clicking here.

You will be asked to provide BIN, Date, CVV and Format. Use 527253 as your BIN and leave the rest as random, then hit Generate button.

Below is screenshot explaining the above step.

Step Four:

Go back to Moz to fill in your payment info you generated from Namso Gen and also provide your billing address, though you can use fake address.

Below is screenshot explaining the above step.

Step Five:

Thick to confirm their Terms and Conditions and hit the REGISTRATION button. Alow it to load and you can now stuff the whole Moz website as a pro without any limitation.

Below is screenshot explaining the above step.


It expires in 30 days time, so repeat the above steps to get another.

DISCLAIMER: This is for educational purpose only. We advice you to purchase from Moz Official website. Any action you take upon the information you find from this post is strictly at your own risk.

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