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Canada is a country with diverse cultures, religion and ethnicities. Today we will be emphasizing on the provinces of Canada.

When Canada was first created in 1867, it had just Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as its provinces, then later Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Newfoundland provinces were created making a total of ten provinces.



Ontario was the first province that was created and the second largest province in Canada with the population of 14,789,778(as at the year 2021). It is the most popular province. Its Capital is Toronto. Motto is Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic Permanet(Loyal she began and Loyal she remains).

Ontario is surrounded by water, lakes and rivers makes up one-fifth of its area. It entered into confederation on July1, 1867. It’s symbols are the flag, white Trillium(Floral Emblem), comon Loon, Tartan, Amethyst,


This is the second province that was created. Quebec is the largest province in Canada. It has in history been named Canada, New France, Lower Canada and Canada East before it became Quebec city(Capital). Quebec’s population as at the year 2021 is 8.4 million.

Quebec was one of the first provinces that was explored by the Europeans. It entered into confederation on July 1, 1867. Quebec Symbols are the Blue Flag, Yellow Birch, Coat Of Arm, Snowy Owl, and the Baptism of Clovis. Quebec’s Motto is Je Me Souviens(I remember).


Nova Scotia is the next Province created after Quebec. Part of the Nova Scotia are the Cape Breton Islands, Saint John Island(later separated from Nova Scotia), and Area now known as New Brunswick. Nova Scotia has its capital as Halifax. Its population(2021) is 979,449.

Nova Scotia’s Symbols are Coat of Arms, Red Spruce, Acadian Flag, Mayflower, Duck Tolling Retriever, Osprey,  Agate, Tartan, Wild Blueberry and Stilbite. It entered into confederation on July 1, 1867. Motto is Munit Haec Et Altera Vincit(One defends and the other conquers).


The Anglonquian linguistic group originally lived in this area now known as New Brunswick, Fredericton being its capital. The French settlers(known as the Acadians) were the first Europeans that settled in New Brunswick. There was an increasing value of the Fur trade in the province. It entered into confederation on July 1, 1867.

The province’s Symbols are the Atlantic Salmon Fly, Coat Of Arm, Acadian Flag,  A Tree called Balsam Fir, Black-capped Chickadee(bird) and Purple Violet(Floral Emblem). The Province’s motto is Spem Reduxit which means Hope Restored and it has a population(2021) of 783,721.


The name Manitoba comes from the Nomadic Cree word which means the Narrows of the Great Spirit. Manitoba was given to the provinces when it was created in 1870. Its Capital is Winnipeg. It is one of prairie Regions covered by grasslands, lowlands and plains. Motto is Gloriosus Et Liber(Glorious and Free)

Manitoba is one of the most populated Province with about 1.38 million(as at year 2021). Its motto is Glorious and Free(Gloriosus et Liber). Symbols are the Coat Of Arm, Flag, Great Owl, Tartan, White Spruce, and Prairie Crocus as its Floral Emblem. It entered into confederation on July 1, 1870.


The central part was named British Columbia by Queen Victoria when the area became a Colony while the southern part is called Columbia. The first Nations lived in the area but but the area were first contested by Russia and Spain.

British Columbia has its capital as Victoria and entered into confederation on 20 July, 1871. It has a population(2021) of 4.9 million. It’s motto is Splendour without diminishment.

It’s symbols are The Coat Of Arm, Flag, Tartan, Stella’s Jay, Jade, Spiritbear, pacific dogwood(Floral Emblem).


Prince Edward Island was named after  Prince Edward Duke of Kent(Queen Victoria’s father). It has its capital as Charlottetown. It entered into confederation on July 1, 1873 and has a present population of160,536. It’s Motto is Parvas Sub In Genti(The Small under the protection of the Great).

The Mikmag(Aboriginal) lived in the Island for the last 2,000 years while their ancestors lived there 10,000 years ago. The Island became part of the British Colony of Nova Scotia in 1758 and became a Separate Colony in 1769. Has Red oak, Acadian Flag, Blue Jay, Charlottetown soil, and the Lady’s Slipper(Floral Emblem).


It has Regina as its capital. Saskatchewan became one of the distincts of the Northwest Territories in 1882. Three groups of the First Nations lived in the area: Athapaskan(the Chipew yan, the Beaver and the  Slavey)occupied the North, two Anglonquian Nations(the Cree and the Blackfoot lived in the central, the Siouan Nations(the Assiniboine and the Gros ventures lived in the Southern part.

It entered into confederation on September 1, 1905. Saskatchewan’s population as 2021 is 1.17 million. It’s Symbols are The Coat Of Arm, White  Birch, Tartan, White-tailed Deer, Potash, Curling, Needles and thread grass, Sharp-tailed Grouse. Motto is Multis E Gentibus Vires( From many people Strength).


Alberta is the next Province in our list. It’s capital is Edmonton. It entered into confderation on September 1, 1905 and Alberta’s population as at 2021 is 4,444277. Motto is Fortis Et Liber(Strong and Free).

After it entered into confederation, Alberta settlement began to boom, they got lands at low prices and their farm lands produced more wheat and other grains. Symbols of Alberta are The Flag, Coat Of Arm, Tartan, Wild Rose(Floral Emblem)Petrified Wood, Great Horned Owl, Bull Trout, Rocky Mountain Sheep.


It has its capital as St John’s. Motto is Quaerite Prime Regnum Die(Seek Yea first the Kingdom Of God. Newfoundland and Labour has combined population of 536,000(as at 2021) with an estimated count of 520,286. Entered into confederation on March 31, 1949.

The Beothuk people were the first people to live in the land long before the Europeans’ Colonization. The first Europeans to visit the land were the Norsemen in the 10th century. Newfoundland and Labrador symbols are The Flag, Coat Of Arms, pitcher Plant(Floral Emblem), Tartan, Newfoundland dog, Atlantic Puffin, Newfoundland Pony, Labradorite and Patridge.


In conclusion, all these provinces has in one way all the other contributed economically and in many different ways to shape and make Canada what it is today.

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